Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps to Complement Any Style

Browse floor lamps at Riverbend Home and brighten a reading nook, illuminate an entryway, or add extra light in a dark corner. From standard single-column shaded floor lamps suitable nearly anywhere to statement-making novelty floor lamps as sculptural and decorative as they are functional, our collection includes options for any home. When choosing a floor lamp, consider the existing or desired décor of your space, and your lighting needs. Our floor lamps accommodate from 1 to 12 bulbs and come in a variety of styles to complement your décor.

Add practical task lighting with a swing-arm lamp or arching floor lamp that directs the light right where you need it, or add a touch of accent lighting with a torchière lamp that directs the light from the bulb upward. If you’re short on space, a floor table lamp serves two purposes at once with a built-in side table sized perfectly for placing remotes, a phone, or a drink. For streamlined style that still makes a statement, try a tripod floor lamp: With a trio of legs and an uncomplicated shade or light at the top, this type of lamp fills space and provides plenty of light in any room.

Whichever type of light you choose, search out design details that will complement the décor of your home. Look for sleek, slim styles to complement minimalist décor, or opt for gilded details to bring a touch of Art Deco design to your home. The stained-glass shade of a Tiffany-style floor lamp adds muted lighting and a traditional touch in the corner of a formal study or sitting room, while floor lamps with clear glass or crystal details exude a glam vibe. Tripod lamps often feature wooden legs and neutral shades, making them a natural fit for a mid-century modern space.

To simplify your search, set filters to narrow results by style, height, color, number of bulbs, and other variables. Whether you’re looking for a classic black floor lamp versatile enough for any space or a bold gold floor lamp that makes a striking first impression in your foyer, you’ll find an array of appealing options at Riverbend Home.