Drain Snakes & Augers

Hand Augers, Plumbing Snakes & Other Drain-Cleaning Tools

When a plunger isn’t tough enough to tackle your plumbing problems, a heavy-duty drain-cleaning snake or auger and accessories may do the trick. Whether you’re facing a clogged kitchen sink, a stopped-up toilet, or a bathtub that won’t drain, you’ll find a tool to help you clear it out in our selection. Drain snakes and augers are often used interchangeably. These handy tools feature a bulbed end to push through whatever is plugging your pipes, and a coiled cable to pull out loose hair, gunk, and grime that has collected on the inner edges.

A drain snake is designed to use inside your bathroom or kitchen sink drain or other smaller pipes, while an auger is intended for the plumbing connected to your bathtub, shower, or toilet. In addition to augers and drain snakes, we offer accessories, including replacement auger cables, auger bulbs, stands, drain cleaning mitts, and cable grippers. Choose from a range of lengths and diameters to suit your needs. Whatever your plumbing problem, you’ll find the fix at Riverbend Home.