Grills, Smokers & Pizza Ovens

Fire up the barbecue grill and enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors. Whether you're looking for a natural gas or propane grill, prefer the flavor that charcoal imparts, or you want to change the game with an electric or gas smoker, we offer an impressive selection of top-quality products to get you started.

Types of Outdoor Grills

Explore options in gas or charcoal grills, smokers, pizza ovens, and more to find the best solutions for your outdoor cooking needs:

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal produces a higher temperature than gas and offers versatile grilling options with direct or indirect heat. Since charcoal grills lack components like valves and burners, they generally cost less than gas grills. And charcoal gives food that wonderful smoky-rich flavor. Our charcoal grills come in a variety of shapes, including kamado (egg-shaped) and kettle (spherical). Kamado grills are popular because they produce high heat for searing, roasting, and grilling, as well as low temperatures for smoking.

Gas Grills

Gas grills light quickly with the push of a button and the turn of a knob. They are easy to use, quick to heat up, and they're designed to maintain a consistent temperature across the entire grill surface. Gas grills are fueled by either propane stored in a tank or natural gas piped in via utility line. There is no difference in performance between a propane or natural gas grill, unless the temperature drops below zero, in which case natural gas burns better. Only a certified professional should install a line for a natural gas grill.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Try your hand at high-heat cooking with a gas-powered or wood-fired outdoor pizza oven that's also ideal for cooking delicious steaks, fish, and veggies. Gas-powered ovens are fueled by propane or natural gas, while wood-fired grills use chips or pellets. Propane, natural gas, and wood-fueled pizza ovens are ready for cooking within 15 to 20 minutes, and reach an internal temperature of over 900°F (500°C); they impart a distinct flavor to your food.

BBQ Smokers

Smokers cook meat low and slow over indirect heat. They require little effort—just set up your smoker and let it do its work. Electric smokers plug directly into a power outlet, while propane smokers hook up to a propane tank or a natural gas line. Barbecue smokers also come in wood and charcoal options. Though their fuel comes from different sources, all types of smokers produce tender, juicy meat rich with flavor.

If you live in an apartment or condo where you can't use a large barbeque grill, explore our portable and tabletop grills, perfect for the patio, park, beach, or any outdoor location.

Whether you're looking to create an outdoor kitchen, or you simply enjoy the singular experience of cooking or smoking food over an open fire, you'll find a multitude of options among our BBQ grills, pizza ovens, and smokers.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the difference between a gas and wood-fired pizza oven?

Though both can cook delicious foods from pizzas to steaks, there are a few differences between gas and wood-fired pizza ovens.A gas-fueled pizza oven is easy to use, clean, and maintain; it heats up quickly so you can start cooking within minutes. Many gas pizza ovens can reach a temperature of 800°F. A wood-fired outdoor pizza oven takes longer to heat, but imparts an authentic smoky flavor to foods. A wood-fired pizza oven can reach a temperature of 900°F for a faster cook time once it’s hot.

What is a pizza peel?

A pizza peel is a specially designed tool that looks like a large spatula with a long handle; it’s used to slide a pizza directly onto a hot surface (and remove it) without getting your hands too close to the heat source. Pizza peels are commonly used with indoor and outdoor pizza ovens since internal temperatures can reach as high as 900°F. Riverbend Home offers an assortment of wood and metal pizza peels to use with our charcoal, propane, and wood-fired outdoor ovens.

What tools are required for grilling?

The most important tools for grilling include a spatula, tongs, a meat fork, and a basting brush. Other useful grill tools include baskets, racks, rotisserie forks, and a grill brush for cleaning the grates after grilling. Riverbend Home offers individual tools and complete grilling sets with everything you need for an afternoon of outdoor cooking.