Yard & Garden Planters

Planters for the Yard, Garden & Patio

Show off your green thumb and add beauty to your home or yard with a bounty of blooms in groupings of outdoor planters. Cultivating a container garden of herbs or colorful flowers is a fun way to enhance your outdoor scenery and the exterior of your home.

Lining walks and pathways with attractive flower pots filled with your favorite annuals and perennials is a simple way to elevate your landscape. Anchor your front porch, walkway, or driveway apron with a pair of large patio planters from Mayne. Crafted in durable, weather-resistant material, Mayne planters and window boxes are ultra-tough and aesthetically pleasing. Grow healthy fruits and vegetables for your family in a raised garden bed or container. A raised garden bed offers ideal soil conditions for your plants, and proper drainage to help them thrive. Set up a container in your backyard, fill it with soil, and start your journey to a productive garden.

Invite nature to your patio, deck, or porch with our wide selection of planters and stands meant to accommodate delicate vegetation. House a mini-ecosystem or a cluster of succulents in a glass terrarium. Show off a striking collection of herbs on a multi-tiered stand. Not only do hanging planters add a Boho-chic feel to your décor, but they also keep tempting tendrils away from little hands and paws. And when it’s time to start spring bulbs—or force late bulbs to blossom—a bulb box or planter provides the perfect environment for them.

Find your favorite styles and start transforming your outdoor space into a natural showplace. With so many colors, shapes, and materials to choose from, you'll find an array of planters to match your taste and your décor.