Replacement Toilet Bowls

Round, Elongated & Raised Toilet Bowls

A cracked, broken, or just plain outdated toilet bowl can make a bathroom look run down, but replacing the bowl is a cost-effective way to update your washroom without a complicated or expensive renovation. Explore our selection of replacement toilet bowls and find options to suit bathrooms from contemporary to traditional. We carry round, elongated, and floor- and wall-mount toilet bowls in an assortment of heights, widths, and designs that fit your bathroom and your personal preferences. Available in neutral white and beige, our toilet bowls also come in black for a statement-making contemporary bathroom. Find a toilet bowl in the shape, shade, and style you prefer from the selection at Riverbend Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy a Toilet Bowl Without the Tank?

Yes. Riverbend Home carries a large selection of toilet bowls without the tank for your bathroom repair or renovation needs.

Do Toilet Bowls Come in a Standard Size?

Most round and elongated toilet bowls measure between 14” and 14½” in width and between 16” and 17” in height. A raised ADA-compliant or wheelchair-accessible toilet bowl must measure between 17” and 19” in height. A standard round toilet bowl measures between 16” and 17” in length from the mounting holes in the back to the front of the rim. An elongated toilet bowl measures between 18’ and 19”. Riverbend Home offers round and elongated toilet bowls in a variety of sizes and measurements to meet your needs.

What Is the Best Toilet for the Elderly?

For those with mobility limitations, a raised toilet bowl is essential. Sitting and then standing up from a toilet can become more difficult as aging muscles lose strength. A high toilet bowl makes getting on and off the seat comfortably easier for those with hip, knee, or back problems. A raised toilet bowl with an elongated seat provides more sitting space, making it an ideal option for the elderly.

Are Toilet Bowls and Tanks Interchangeable?

When replacing a toilet bowl to use with an existing tank, it’s best to select a model from the same manufacturer for a proper match. If you choose a toilet bowl from a different manufacturer you may need to make a few adjustments for a secure fit. Riverbend Home offers toilet bowls and tanks from top brands, including American Standard, Toto, and Mansfield.