Tubular PVC

Tubular PVC Pipes

Browse tubular PVC at Riverbend Home to find top-quality plastic pipes for your plumbing system. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, offers durability at a low cost, making it a preferred choice for drainage applications. Our selection of tubular PVC pipes includes P-traps, S-traps, tailpieces, waste arms, and extension tubes in white, black, and nickel finishes. We offer tubular PVC in several sizes to suit your needs.

Although the terms “pipe” and “tube” are often used interchangeably, tubular PVC is typically smaller than PVC pipes, and is used for plumbing applications in kitchens and bathrooms—under the sink, behind the toilet, or beneath the bathtub. Because it cannot withstand high temperatures, tubular PVC should be used for only non-heated water lines, and is not rated for drinking water. Whether you’re looking for a PVC P-trap or a dishwasher tailpiece, you’ll find options from Brasstech, Dearborn, and other top brands at Riverbend Home.