Bathroom Shower Doors

Neo-Angle & Sliding Shower Doors

Browse bathroom shower doors at Riverbend Home: We offer neo-angle shower doors that swing open on a hinge and come configured for a standalone corner shower, as well as sliding shower doors appropriate for a wide walk-in shower or shower/tub combo, ranging from 56” to 71.5 “ in width. Choose between frosted and clear glass depending on your space and privacy needs; frosted glass shower doors offer an opaque finish for ample privacy, but they can be harder to clean because grime and mineral scale blend in with the surface. Frameless shower doors with clear glass panels offer a sleek, open aesthetic well suited for a modern bathroom or a small space—and with no rubber seal to trap mold and mildew, they’re easier to clean than a framed shower door. Whichever style is best for you, be sure to take precise measurements for a perfect fit: For an existing shower or tub, measure length and width in two places to achieve consistent dimensions. If you’re shopping for shower doors for a new bathtub or shower, wait until the tile or surround installation is complete to take measurements.