Measuring Cups & Spoons

Kitchen Measuring Tools

Measuring cups and spoons are essential for nearly any kitchen cooking task that requires a recipe. Whether you're mixing up a cake or making macaroni and cheese, proper measurements not only ensure a flavorful finished product, but also that it cooks properly. Easily portion out flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients with a set of copper, ceramic, or stainless steel measuring cups. For smaller quantities of wet or dry ingredients, measuring spoons quickly and accurately measure the amounts you need. We offer measuring spoon and measuring cup sets with four or more pieces in standardized sizes to ensure perfectly apportioned ingredients every time.

To add style to your countertops and whimsy to your cooking routine, opt for decorative measuring spoons or a set of nesting measuring cups that match your décor or the season. Nesting measuring cups are also excellent for serving snacks, keeping small quantities of prepped ingredients handy, and measuring ingredients for which approximations will suffice. Whether you're looking for utilitarian measuring spoons for perfecting a recipe or aesthetically appealing measuring cups to display on your kitchen counter, you'll find several stylish and functional options in our selection of kitchen measuring tools.