Kitchen Gadgets

Task-Specific Tools & Accessories for the Kitchen

Riverbend Home offers an assortment of gadgets designed to make life easier in the kitchen. A garlic press, cheese grater, or vegetable peeler helps you make quick work of time-consuming kitchen tasks so you can get dinner on the table. Use a handheld culinary torch to make restaurant-quality desserts at home; this small device is typically used to caramelize the sugar on a crême brulée, but can also brown meringue on a pie, melt cheese on onion soup, and fire-roast a red pepper. Browse gadgets and attachments for your kitchen stand mixer, including spiralizers and pasta rollers, to make homemade noodles from fresh dough or vegetables. A vacuum storage container keeps food fresher for longer, locking in flavor, aromas, and nutrients; we offer them in assorted sizes for large leftover meals or small snacks. Squeeze fresh citrus on the spot with a handheld juicer, available in a range of sizes for small or medium-sized fruit. Explore our selection and find useful gadgets to help you make the most of your time in the kitchen.