Foyer & Entry Lighting

Ceiling Lights, Pendants & Chandeliers for the Entryway

Beyond illuminating the entry to your home, foyer lighting creates a first impression that stays with your guests. Whether you choose an intricately designed fixture to make a bold statement, or a streamlined model for a minimalist aesthetic, a chandelier, pendant light, lantern, or hanging fixture in the foyer is an easy way to add beauty to your home. Find fashionable and functional foyer and entry lighting from Seagull, Quorum, Quoizel, Hinkley, Kilcher, and other top brands; we include fixtures in the shapes, styles, and finishes that showcase your personal tastes while creating a warm welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Light Goes in a Foyer?

Choose a light for your foyer based on the ceiling height, décor, and atmosphere you want to project in the entryway. A pendant or chandelier with a long downrod works well in a foyer with a high ceiling; a small fixture with a short chain or semi-flush mount works in a compact entry. Choose a pendant with a wire cage for rustic or industrial-chic décor or a spherical lantern with interlocking rings in a contemporary home. Find chandeliers, pendants, and lanterns at Riverbend Home in styles from coastal to traditional that set the mood at your entry.

Should the Foyer and Dining Room Lights Match?

While it is not necessary to match the light in your foyer with the light in your dining room, they should still coordinate. For example, if you choose an elaborate crystal chandelier with a gold finish for the foyer, opt for a hanging fixture in the same color family over the dining room table. Avoid clashing styles: A gleaming stainless steel pendant with hanging globe shades in the entryway is incompatible with a black, wrought-iron lantern in the dining room. We offer a wide selection of foyer lighting in the materials, colors, bulb types, and designs that complement your home’s existing décor.

How Do I Choose a Foyer Chandelier?

A chandelier is adorned with multiple lamps and lights arranged on arms or branches, and makes a grand statement in your home. Choose a chandelier for the foyer if the ceiling is high enough to suspend the fixture out of the way of human contact. Consider these chandelier designs for your foyer or entryway:

  • A crystal chandelier adds elegance to your foyer with its dangling glass prisms, emitting soft, clear lighting, and setting an inviting mood.
  • A candelabra chandelier features lights that resemble candles. Adorned with candle-shaped lights or bulbs, a candelabra chandelier adds drama to a large foyer or entryway.
  • A cage-style chandelier features an arrangement of lights in the middle of the structure. Cage chandeliers offer a streamlined look in a smaller foyer or entry.
  • A bowl chandelier features lights centered in the middle of its glass or metal bottom. A bowl chandelier is homey and uncomplicated, casting light above and below the fixture.

Riverbend Home offers an array of crystal, cage, candelabra, and bowl chandeliers for your foyer or entryway.