Home Innovations That Are Genuinely Helpful

Every year companies come out with new and innovative products that make home life easier and better. These innovations include everything from touch and hands-free kitchen faucets to toilets that clean faster and more easily, to smart thermostats that you can activate with the sound of your voice! Is your home missing out? Let's take a closer look at these cool technologies that you can get for your home.

Home Innovations

Is your home missing out on some great innovations?

In the Kitchen

Anyone who does any work in the kitchen, is a serious chef, or a microwave pro, knows that when you are at the sink, hands-free operation of the kitchen faucet is awesome.

Two prominent hands-free technologies that are available are Delta Touch2O touch activated faucets, and Moen MotionSense faucets. Both of these options allow you to approach your faucet with hands covered in the messiest goop—think meatloaf mix, mud from the garden, the puffy slime recipe you just made with the kids—and not spread the mess.

Touch activated faucets allow you to tap almost anywhere on the faucet (with the back of your hand, your elbow, the tip of a finger, or even the tip of your nose if you wanted) and you can turn the water on and off.

Motion activated faucets give you the freedom to just wave your hand in front of a built-in sensor, and turn the faucet on or off. So easy and useful! Just picture yourself after dredging raw chicken breasts through egg, flour, and breadcrumbs. You know how gross this makes your hands and how much you don't really want to touch anything with those hands!

In the Bathroom

We took a poll, and guess what is the household cleaning task that people hate the most? You probably don't need more than one guess, that's right, it's cleaning the toilet. Cleaning the toilet is never a fun job, but it can be a whole lot easier.

American Standard VorMax Toilets and Toto Tornado Flush Toilets

Both the American Standard VorMax toilets (left) and the Toto Tornado toilets (right) come in beautiful styles and keep your toilet cleaner.

American Standard VorMax flush technology

American Standard VorMax technology is a water strategy that reinvents the flush, by eliminating the traditional rim holes around the bowl and replaces them with one powerful jet of water that cleans the entire bowl from top to bottom.

This incredible technology is WaterSense certified, using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Toto Tornado flush technology

Toto has developed a toilet technology they call the Tornado flush. Two to three jets of water (depending on the model) are angled to create a powerful whirlpool effect, so the motion of the water thoroughly cleans the inside of the bowl. This great water-saving technology only uses 1.28 gallons per flush.

The Whole House

Smart thermostats save you energy costs

Nest offers wireless smart home technology that is really innovative. Their products include smart thermostats that are WiFi compatible and can be operated via your phone, security cameras, wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and voice-activated speakers. The Nest Pro 3rd Generation Learning thermostat has it all. It actually learns your temperature and setting preferences, builds a schedule around yours, and automatically adapts to seasonal changes and your needs. The Nest thermostat is iOS and Android compatible, as well as Google Home Hub, SmartThings, and IFTTT compatible.

The Nest thermostats connect to your phone, tablet, or computer for remote control access from anywhere and automatically turns itself down when you are away.

The Nest thermostats connect to your phone, tablet, or computer for remote control access from anywhere and automatically turns itself down when you are away.

The Nest thermostats connect to your phone, tablet, or computer for remote control access from anywhere and automatically turns itself down when you are away.

Wireless outdoor surveillance keeps your home secure

The Cam Pro outdoor security camera by Nest lets you keep an eye on your home rain or shine, day or night. This weatherproof wireless camera monitors the outside of your home to keep watch for intruders, deliveries, visitors, and suspicious activity whether you’re home or not. The Cam Pro looks for motion and unusual sounds and will send an alert to your phone or email with a key image of the event. It continuously records up to 30 days of video and stores them in the cloud for access anytime and anywhere. Since it plugs in, you never have to worry about low batteries causing it to miss a thing.

Interested in Learning More?

These are just some of the many innovative ideas that make maintaining and living in your home easier. Browse our site to see more products, or check out other informative articles, like How to Choose Your Bathroom Sink Faucet or helpful décor advice like What's the Difference between Contemporary and Modern Style?