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I Think I May Need a Utility Sink: Here's Why

I think I may need a utility sink. After recently moving into our new home and working on quite a few home improvement projects, I've started longing for a utility sink. Every time I wash my paint brushes in my kitchen or bathroom sink and the paint splatters everywhere I wish I had one.

With so many rooms to paint, I've had plenty of time to consider many other reasons a utility sink would be a good investment.

Messy Kids

Just think, anytime the kids play out in the mud, have food smeared from ear-to-ear, bring in their pet frog, step in Fido's poop, or the big one... DO crafts, I would no longer have to march them outside and spray them down with a hose. Doing this is particularly impossible once the temperature starts going below 50 degrees.

Kids love to finger paint.

Start your project with a fresh look at your family's needs.

There are also those moments when your kid isn't feeling well and laundry is necessary (parents, you know what I mean), but it would be a disaster to wash the necessary items in the washing machine. A utility sink would be a life-saver.

Hand Washing Laundry

Having a utility sink would come in handy for washing delicate items. It would also be great for soaking grass, wine or blood-stained clothes for hours at a time. I could even just hang them up right over the sink while they drip dry.



Pet Washing

Now depending on the size of a pet, a utility sink could be the answer for keeping soapy, dirty water and messes reasonably contained. I don't have a dog, but I've heard good things about using a pet sink with a handheld shower head.

Why struggle with your pet in the tub? A utility sink makes pet bathing easy.

Why struggle with your pet in the tub? A utility sink makes pet bathing easy.

I do have a cat. It would be awesome to just dump the old kitty litter in a trash bag, walk over to the utility sink and rinse out the box. Since both the litter box and the sink would be in the basement, this process would become super convenient. I have to admit, because we don't have an easy solution like this, the litter box lingers a bit longer than I'd like.

House Cleaning Companion

My utility sink could magically transform into a mop sink. It would be the perfect station for filling up a bucket to mop floors with, and then be an even better place for emptying it after seeing the embarrassingly large amount of dirt that covers my floors. I could use it to fill another bucket when it was time to give the cars a good scrub. Dirty shoes, dirty hands, dirty tools, just put the word dirty before it, and it would be cleaned in my utility sink. Cleaning air filters, ceiling vents, or vacuum filters also could be conquered in a utility sink.

In-Home Gardening

In the winter, I often want to give my plants a good drink or rinse the dust off the leaves. With a utility sink, I could fill them up, rinse them off, and then let the extra water drain out while I go about my business. The likelihood of them getting watered would increase and so would their survival rate.

A utility sink can be used for a variety of household tasks.

A utility sink can be used for a variety of household tasks.

Cleaning Oven or Grill Racks

Having a place where my husband (or I) can scrub all that grime off the grill or oven racks rather than my beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink would be wonderful. We could let the racks soak in hot soapy water as long as needed. Then of course there are the dreaded stove top burners and drip pans. I hear soaking them in vinegar and baking soda works really well for this job.

Laundry Folding Station (With Sink Lid)

How awesome would it be to use the sink as a folding station for laundry when it's not in use! Some utility tubs come with lids, or I could just create a make shift one out of plywood. Truly utilitarian.

Plenty of Options!

There are so many great sinks for any space. I'm considering a wall-mounted utility sink simply because it would be the biggest space saver for my small laundry room. Mustee has been in the business of making laundry and utility sinks for a long time and they are good at what they do. They also have single or double sink options (get two jobs going at once!) Whatever I choose, I'm confident it will be well used.

The wall-mounted Mustee utility sink saves valuable floor space.

The wall-mounted Mustee utility sink saves valuable floor space.

Keeping It in Good Working Order

Of course with all the use my sink will get, proper maintenance is in order. To prevent staining, I plan on rinsing and cleaning out my sink after each use. Shutting off the faucet completely, drain out the water, and drying the basin out with a paper towel or dry cloth will also help reduce any mold or mildew caused by leftover or standing water. Periodic disinfecting with a household cleaner is a good idea too.

To help prevent drain clogs, install a sink strainer to catch debris and clean it out after each use. Chemicals should be properly disposed of instead of pouring them down the sink. Not only can they cause damage to your pipes, most municipalities do not allow disposal of hazardous wastes down the drain where they can get into city sewers and water supplies. If clogs do happen, remove the bend of the pipe with a wrench and clean out this section of plumbing. With proper maintenance, I’m sure my utility sink will give me many years of service.