10 Kitchen Safety Tips for a Kid-Friendly Home

Kitchen Safety Tips
  1. Keep potentially dangerous objects like knives, appliances, cleaning products, anything that can break, and even spices in places your child cannot get to. Be sure to use child locks on all cabinets and drawers within a child's reach.
  2. Secure large objects like a refrigerator or kitchen hutch to prevent them from toppling over when bumped into.
  3. Keep the floors clear of any spills and use area rugs to prevent slips and falls.
  4. As a safety precaution, turn your water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent accidental scalding (and save energy!).
  5. When cooking, use the back burners that are out of reach for toddlers. To deter little kiddos from playing with the oven knobs, invest in some child-proof knob covers.
  6. Remove all choking risks. As a rule of thumb, if an object can fit through a cardboard paper towel rod, it's a potential choking hazard.
  7. Keep emergency contacts up to date and readily available. Good numbers to have on-hand are your child's primary care doctor, the police department, the dentist and poison control. Be sure to display your contact information and any medical conditions in a prominent spot for babysitters.
  8. Cover electrical outlets. There are various solutions for child-proofing electrical outlets. The best solution is to replace the whole outlet with a child-proof outlet rather than using temporary plastic caps.
  9. Use padding on any sharp corners to cushion any bumps or falls.
  10. Swap out any mouse, rodent or insect traps with kid and pet-friendly models and make sure they're inaccessible to children. The pesticides and poisons used in these products can be very dangerous.