Rainfall Showerhead FAQs

Rainfall showerheads feature a larger face with more spray nozzles but less water pressure than standard showerheads offering a lusher, more “rainfall” like shower experience. We get a lot of questions from customers wondering if switching to a rainfall showerhead requires renovation. See what our experts have to say:

Rainfall Showerhead.

Q: Will a rainfall showerhead work in a regular 45 degree shower arm?

Yes and no. It will spray water and may even be a nice upgrade from your current showerhead, but a rainfall showerhead is designed to be an overhead showerhead with its face horizontal to the ground so that the spray falls straight down, like rain. A rainfall showerhead that isn't angled properly will have a noticeably weaker spray.

Q: What kind of shower arm does a rainfall showerhead need?

Rainfall Showerhead.

The Four Types of Standard Shower Arms

There are two types of shower arms that optimize the performance of rainfall showerheads. The first is a ceiling arm which is a straight arm installed right in the ceiling. The second is a wall mount shower arm with a 90 degree bend. Depending on your shower's needs there are different variations and sizes for ceiling mount and wall mount shower arms. (Shopping tip: If you need a wall mount shower arm, be sure that it extends far enough from the wall for your particular showerhead.)

Q: Is it easy to replace and install a new shower arm?

Yes. Just be sure that the size of your new shower arm is the same as your existing one (standard size is 1/2” npt thread) so that you can use the existing elbow installed behind the shower wall.

Q: I'd like to install a rainfall showerhead but don't have enough height where my existing wall mount shower arm is installed. Are there any solutions?

Yes, look for an “s-shaped” shower arm or other shape designed to add height specifically for rainfall showerheads.