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Savor Your Wine One Glass at a Time

Transform the Way You Enjoy Wine

If you're like most of us, you probably love to enjoy a great glass of wine. For true wine enthusiasts, appreciating a good vintage is a sensory experience involving both taste and aroma.

Savor your nice bottle of wine one glass at a time.

Savor your nice bottle of wine one glass at a time.

Once the cork is removed from the bottle, the wine's exposure to the air begins to change the beverage's aroma, texture, and flavor. Too much aeration will cause a wine to "fade" as it loses its character and flavor intensity due to the oxidation process.

Although this isn't an issue when the entire bottle is quickly consumed after opening, oxidation is a problem if a bottle is only partially used and the rest must be stored for any length of time. Sure, you can just pop the cork back in or reseal the bottle with a wine stopper and refrigerate the remainder of the bottle until you can finish it off later. This option is less than ideal for any wine, but for rare vintages or that expensive bottle of cabernet sauvignon, this option is inconceivable for preserving the wine's richness and flavor.

Coravin wine system

The Coravin wine system lets you pour a glass without removing the cork.

Great Tasting Wine from First Glass to the Last

Love to sample from a selection of bottles? Prefer to drink only a single glass or two at a time? Want to savor the bottle over a period of time? Now you can pour without popping the cork to ensure every glass tastes as great as the first with the Coravin wine preservation system.

The Coravin wine access system uses a medical-grade needle and a capsule of inert argon gas to access the wine and pour the wine through the cork. The Coravin unit allows you to insert a hollow, stainless steel needle through the cork, press a push-button trigger to pressurize the bottle with the gas, then release the trigger to pour the wine. The argon gas replaces air in the bottle to prevent oxidation and increase a wine's longevity. When you are finished pouring, the needle is removed from the cork which naturally reseals to protect the wine and leave the remaining amount unaffected.

The Coravin Model Eight System

The Coravin system uses a medical-grade needle and argon gas to access the wine while preserving the rest of the bottle.

Sample It Now Without Committing To It

The easy-to-use, portable system is ideal for use at home, in restaurants, wine tasting rooms, bars, and other establishments that serve fine wine by the glass. By letting you sample a glass at a time without exposing the rest of the bottle to air, it's the ideal way to check to see if a wine is ready for consumption whether you are a vintner or simply want to check a particular label from your private wine cellar periodically so you don't miss its optimal drinking window. Since the integrity of the cork is never compromised, you'll prevent waste from having to throw out opened bottles that are past their prime, protecting your investment in fine vintages.

Enjoy Freedom by the Glass

Stop saving that special bottle for only the weekend or when guests come to call. The Coravin wine system lets you enjoy the wine you want whenever you want, one glass at a time. Get the freedom to enjoy a glass of white while you cook, a glass of red with the main course, or have a taste of desert wine to finish off a great meal. Now you can make any night a celebration.