Unique and Unusual Chandelier Ideas: Show-Stopping Light Fixtures for Every Room

Unique and Unusual Chandelier Ideas

Adding a chandelier (or chandeliers) to your home lighting design delivers personality and panache. Whether grand, traditional, whimsical, or modern, chandeliers always make an impression. But because they are the center of attention, choosing these hanging fixtures can feel daunting. We're here to help with three questions to ask yourself before choosing a chandelier, followed by gorgeous chandelier style ideas for every room.

1. What is Your Home Décor Style?

Conventional wisdom says to choose a chandelier style that will fit in with the rest of your house or room décor. For example, if you're decorating a country farmhouse kitchen, you probably don't want to install a contemporary chandelier. On the flip side, a rustic chandelier will likely look awkward in a sleek, modern kitchen.

Of course, you can ignore conventional wisdom entirely in a self-contained room such as a bathroom or office by installing whatever kind of chandelier makes you happy—regardless of whether it 'goes' with the rest of the house or not. There are no hard and fast decorating rules, and a chandelier is an opportunity to showcase your unique style.

2. What Is the Main Purpose of the Chandelier?

Are you installing the chandelier for its beauty? Or do you have specific lighting needs in the space? If the chandelier's purpose is mostly delivering style to a room, you can select a fixture with three or four lights. If it's essential lighting, opt for a fixture with ten or more lights.

Chandeliers play a part in layered lighting, delivering ambient, task, or accent lighting—or all three. Uplight chandeliers work well for ambient lighting, while downlight chandeliers are good for functional areas, such as kitchen islands.

3. Where Do You Plan to Hang the Chandelier?

Choose a chandelier that's styled and sized to suit its location. A chandelier that's too big will look clunky and out-of-place in a small space. Alternatively, one that's too small may get lost in a large space, such as a great room or expansive entry hall. Keep in mind, the light's style can affect perception as well. For example, an ornate, multi-tiered fixture may appear more prominent than a simple design of the same size.

Next up, let's explore chandelier placement strategies and style ideas room-by-room.

Foyer Chandeliers

Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Open, two-story foyers and entrance halls call for chandeliers—and it's the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style.

Craftsman-style chandelier. Craftsman houses and decorative elements are known for their elegant simplicity, utility, and durability. Bring the down-to-earth style home with a chandelier featuring clean lines and sturdy construction, with wood and metal elements.

Multi-level chandelier. A tiered-chandelier delivers style to the open space of a two-story foyer with a staircase. Choose a style that complements the decor in adjoining rooms, whether that's traditional, rustic, or contemporary.

Caged foyer chandelier. Many foyer chandeliers feature lights set inside a metallic 'cage,' which gives them the look of a lantern with open sides. You'll find these chandeliers in round, square, curved, or angled silhouettes. Crafted with a variety of materials, from bronze to matte stainless steel, you can find versions to suit your home décor style.

Kitchen Chandeliers

Kitchen Chandelier Ideas

Multi-light linear chandeliers provide welcome illumination above a central island workspace. They are also a lovely choice above your kitchen table, or to set off your breakfast nook. For open floor plan homes (where the kitchen, dining area, and living room connect), one large chandelier can tie the three spaces together. Alternatively, a line of pendant chandeliers can create a visual boundary between these areas.

Eclectic chandelier. Choose a chandelier that delivers whimsical style to the busiest room in your home. For an eclectic touch, look for chandeliers with glass bulb covers in different shapes and colors. Or, select a chandelier with crystals with unusual shapes, or one with sweet floral accents for a shabby-chic look.

Drum-shade chandelier. These transitional fixtures showcase a large drum shade covering multiple lights. They deliver an easy-going elegance perfect for transitional homes, whether they're installed above an island or the kitchen table.

Farmhouse chandelier. Country-chic is a forever favorite in kitchen décor. To capture the rustic look choose a linear chandelier with a weathered tin drum shade, or chandeliers featuring a wood box frame or even chicken wire.

Bathroom Chandeliers

Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Don't be afraid to add a bold chandelier to your bathroom. Mini-chandeliers add style to bathrooms of any size. And you can select a large chandelier for the master bath—especially if it has a vaulted ceiling.

Coastal chandelier. Bring a seaside vibe to your bathroom with chandeliers featuring a waved shade, or translucent capiz shell disks. Long elements, such as oblong crystals and light metallic accents, move with the breeze through open windows.

Industrial chic chandelier. Exposed Edison-style bulbs in any formation deliver an industrial sophistication. Complete the stylish warehouse vibe with weathered metal drawer pulls and a rugged faucet. Or, mix an industrial chandelier with feminine bathroom accessories for an unexpected style mashup.

Color-matched chandelier. Continue your bathroom's color theme in your chandelier. Matte black. Grey. Weathered wood. Pink. You can find exquisite chandeliers with finishes in your color choice.

Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

Traditionally, dining rooms have the chandelier centered over the dining room table, even if the table itself isn't centered within the room. Your dining room chandelier should pull together the style of the space, whether that's formal, transitional, or laid-back.

A lavish crystal chandelier. Embrace classic extravagance with a chandelier showcasing teardrop-cut crystals and candle bulbs. Add two or three tiers for a look worthy of Downton Abbey. Or choose a more modern crystal chandelier style, such as a large crystal orb or a fixture with a drum-shade and a curtain of crystals beneath.

Rustic island chandelier. A metal and wood island chandelier gives your dining room a rustic beauty. Even better if the room features a reclaimed wood dining table, a wood beam ceiling, and French doors opening to the side porch.

Modern sculpted chandelier. Nested geometric shapes, metallic swirls, and stepped bulbs lend contemporary style to any space. Like works of art, these distinctive chandeliers are sure to spark admiration and conversation.

Living Room Changeliers

Living Room Chandelier Ideas

Whether your living room is a formal affair or more of a relaxed family room, a chandelier can help define certain areas of the room or provide extra lighting for specific activities. It's common to place small chandeliers over coffee tables, but anything goes.

Miniature chandelier. If you use a section of your living room as an office, hang a small chandelier over the desk. Or, set one in a bay window with cushioned seating to create a cozy and inviting reading nook.

Two-tiered rustic chandelier. Go big on rustic style with a chandelier with wood elements and exposed Edison-style bulbs. If you have wood beams on your ceilings, this will expand on the cozy-cabin feel. If you have plain white ceilings, the wood will warm up the room.

Uplight chandelier. In any style, these fixtures reflect light off the ceiling to produce a boost of ambient light. Drawing-room chandeliers with amber shades and a bronze finish convey vintage elegance, while chrome and frosted glass chandeliers lend modern panache.

No matter the chandelier style you choose, this hanging light fixture always delivers abundant style.