A Weekend Warrior’s Renovation Series: Bathroom Remodel – Episode 3

The Master Plan

“Vision without execution is hallucination” -- Thomas Edison

Weekend Warrior Renovation - Bathroom Remodel

In the second installment of this series, I outlined the major design decisions related to layout, fixtures, surfaces and finishes for my bathroom renovation. Before I begin work, I like to layout tasks and projects into a work plan or checklist. There are lots of dependencies for things to keep moving along without downtime, so this really helps me get organized. While this plan is specific to my project, perhaps it will help you think through a work plan for your project.

Always be sure to check local codes and secure any necessary permits with your local building authority. For instance, because our home was built in 1960, we obtained a lead-free certification from a state-certified inspector prior to performing our first project in our home four years ago.

The Task List

Here we go!

  1. Demolition
  2. Bathroom walls down to the studs

    After demolition - walls down to the studs.

  3. Rough electrical for recessed lights, vanity lights, vent fan, switches, and outlets
  4. Construct partition wall
  5. Install alcove tub
  6. Rough plumbing
  7. Install blocking in walls to support panel radiatorand floating makeup vanity as needed
  8. Install insulation and vapor barrier as needed
  9. Take pictures and video while walls and ceilings are open for future reference
  10. Hang 1/2" Hardie Backer Board for tub and shower walls
  11. Hang plaster board (blue board) on ceilings and then on walls
  12. Veneer plaster application on walls and ceilings
  13. Plaster board on walls and ceiling. Recessed lights.

    Plaster board on walls and ceiling. Recessed ceiling lights and rough electrical installed.

  14. Reinstall original wood medicine cabinet
  15. Shower wall waterproofing
  16. Shower wall tile installation
  17. Shower wall tiling

    Shower wall tiling completed, and alcove bathtub installed.

  18. Wall tile grout installation
  19. Prime and paint walls and ceilings
  20. Radiator installation, including re-piping supply/outlet in floor
  21. Patch and level subfloor
  22. Put down 1/4" Hardie Backer Board floor tile underlayment
  23. Mud seams and waterproof floor tile underlayment
  24. Floor tile installation
  25. Floor tile and grout installation.

    Floor tile and grout installation, and baseboard radiator installed.

  26. Floor tile grout installation
  27. Seal all grout
  28. Install double vanity
  29. Double vanity with quartz countertop with drilled holes for faucets.

    Double vanity installed - quartz countertop with drilled holes for faucets.

  30. Finish plumbing for tub/shower and toilet
  31. Install new pre-hung entry door
  32. Install door and window casings, and baseboard trim
  33. Construct base/support for floating makeup vanity
  34. Templating for quartz vanity tops
  35. Finish plumbing for vanity sinks and faucets
  36. Finish electrical
  37. Final caulking and painting
  38. Final mounting of bath accessories, wall decor, window coverings, etc.

Did I say three months for this project? Reality has set in, and there’s a lot to do! I’d better get working. Stayed tuned for more updates.