AMBA Stainless Steel Towel Warmers

AMBA is one of the first companies in the U.S. to bring consumers sleek, attractive, and safe towel warmers made in high-quality stainless steel. A wall-mounted or freestanding AMBA towel warmer in the bathroom keeps cozy linens at your fingertips right out of the bath or shower. Towels and linens placed on a stainless steel warmer dry faster than they do on a cold rack, reducing bacteria and mildew growth for better hygiene.

AMBA offers towel warmers in styles and designs for commercial or residential use, in shapes and sizes that fit your space. AMBA towel warmers come in wall-mount or freestanding models, straight or curved, and with 6 to 20 stainless steel bars. Choose an AMBA towel warmer in a stainless steel, bronze, nickel, or black finish that coordinates with the existing fixtures in your bathroom or changing area. AMBA stainless steel towel warmers are UL-certified, energy-efficient, and engineered to endure heavy use. Riverbend Home is an authorized AMBA retailer—explore the towel warmers in our collection and find the right option for your bathroom.