Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Wall and Table Clocks for Style That’s Timeless

Even though internationally renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen created his iconic wall and table clocks between 1938 and 1971, time hasn't run out for this interior design object. Jacobsen’s design classics are still being recreated today in line with the master architect’s original drawings. This brand of classic wall and table clocks exude old-school functionality and premium design with a streamlined, modern style for today’s home. His original clock has been put back in production with updated functions such as snooze and light sensor and incorporating graphics from LK, STATION, ROMAN, BANKERS, and CITY HALL - all architectural projects created by Jacobsen.

Danish design culture is visible in every detail of an Arne Jacobsen clock, which at its core is functional, modern, and minimalist. Round shapes, easy-to-read dials, and accurate quartz movements makes these timepieces an essential element of your daily life. Each alarm clock, wall clock, and desktop clock is made to be a part of your home’s décor as an accessory that brings modern, mindful design to your lifestyle. Select from a variety of sizes and finishes in both wall clocks and desk or table clock models. Riverbend Home is an authorized Arne Jacobsen retailer.