BrassCraft Plumbing Products

BrassCraft designs, manufactures, and distributes plumbing products for new construction, remodeling, and repair jobs in residential and commercial projects. From toilet and faucet risers to flexible connectors and union and elbow fittings, BrassCraft offers an assortment of high-quality products for bathroom, kitchen, and other plumbing applications. Use a BrassCraft straight or angle stop-valve to shut off the flow of hot or cold water in a plumbing fixture. A riser tube makes a solid connection between the shut-off valve and a faucet or toilet tank. Replace a worn or damaged water heater connector with a sturdy unit constructed in copper or stainless steel for reliable durability. Riverbend Home is an authorized retailer of BrassCraft products; shop our selection and find the right options for your plumbing projects.