Back & Body Brushes

Shower Brushes, Body Buffers & Loofahs

Scrub, exfoliate, and revitalize your skin with a back or body brush. Personal care products, including back brushes, body buffers, and raw loofahs, enhance your shower or bath and create a spa-like experience that indulges the senses. A back brush with a long handle gives you access to tough-to-reach areas; load it with your favorite soap in the shower or dry brush your body to remove dead cells before you bathe. Use a body buffer in lieu of a washcloth to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin; a little bit of soap goes a long way to create abundant lather on one of these poofy sponges. A raw loofah is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and the face; made from a dried gourd in the cucumber family, a loofah expands in the water and works with or without soap. After use, hang your brush, buffer, or loofah to air dry so it’s ready to go for your next shower. Treat yourself to a spa day every time you shower with a back brush, loofah, or other beauty essential from Riverbend Home.