Bath Seats & Benches

Seats, Chairs & Benches for the Shower and Bath

Enjoy a safe, relaxing shower on a bath seat, bench, or chair. Our strong and durable bath seats provide stability in the shower for anyone with mobility issues or who experiences difficulty standing for long periods. Many of our bath seats and chairs come with non-slip grips on the bottom of the legs to ensure stability. A folding wall-mount shower seat flips down and out of the way neatly when not in use; we include options with or without legs. Find a bath bench or seat with or without an adjustable back to meet your needs.

We also offer high-quality shower stools that look sleek and stylish in a contemporary bath. A bath stool with a rust-resistant stainless steel frame and composite seat can double as a vanity chair outside of the shower. A wall-mount teak bath bench is an attractive and luxurious addition to your shower; the durable teak wood construction stands up to damp and wet conditions without warping. Our bath benches, seats, and shower chairs are stain-, corrosion-, and mildew-resistant, making them easy to clean. Whether you need assistance in the shower or you simply want a comfortable seat in the tub, a chair or bench can enhance your bathing experience.