Steam & Sauna Accessories

Create a Home Spa With Steam & Sauna Shower Accessories

Transform your shower into a home spa with steam and sauna accessories. Our selection includes steam heads, aromatherapy pumps, and essential oil fragrances that help you relax as you indulge in luxury. An aromatherapy pump releases essential oils into the air, surrounding you with soothing scents. Use a steam head to create a consistent mist; an aroma well allows you to add the scent of your choice. A deluxe spa package features an assortment of accessories that provide an immersive sauna experience, including aromatherapy canisters, Bluetooth speakers, and overhead lighting in a variety of colors to match your mood. Restore, relax, and renew your mind as you enjoy a day at the spa without leaving home, with the accessories in our steam and sauna collection.

Steam Generators & Systems for the Shower

Transform your bathroom shower into a luxurious spa with a compact steam generator. A generator lets you experience the full effect of a steam room without a costly bathroom overhaul. We offer standalone steam generators and full systems in a range of sizes that provide the right amount of mist to suit your bathroom shower. A complete system encompasses everything you need for an indulgent at-home spa, including the generator, in-shower control unit, steam head, and cable. The in-shower control unit turns the system on and off and allows the user to adjust the time and temperature without leaving the stall. Crafted in durable, corrosion-resistant materials, our generators are sturdy enough to keep up with daily steam bath sessions. Escape to the comfort of a soothing steam shower and enjoy the benefits of your own personal generator.

Steam Control for the Bath & Shower

A steam control unit helps transform your bath or shower into a luxurious spa. An easy-to-read digital display on a steam bath control unit shows the time and temperature for keeping track of your spa session. A control unit mounted on the wall near your bath lets you restart the steam generator when the time runs out without leaving the room. Our interior steam bath control units are easy to operate; enter the presets for time and temperature and enjoy a traditional spa experience at home. A steam control with a Wi-Fi interface allows you to program your spa from a touch panel or mobile device so the bathroom is ready when you enter. We also offer exterior auxiliary generators designed for use outside of the steam room; use an interior steam bath control in conjunction to make quick changes. Browse the options in our collection and find a steam bath and shower control unit for your bathroom or sauna.