Steam & Sauna Accessories

Create a Home Spa With Steam & Sauna Shower Accessories

Transform your shower into a home spa with steam and sauna accessories. Our selection includes steam heads, aromatherapy pumps, and essential oil fragrances that help you relax as you indulge in luxury. An aromatherapy pump releases essential oils into the air, surrounding you with soothing scents. Use a steam head to create a consistent mist; an aroma well allows you to add the scent of your choice. A deluxe spa package features an assortment of accessories that provide an immersive sauna experience, including aromatherapy canisters, Bluetooth speakers, and overhead lighting in a variety of colors to match your mood. Restore, relax, and renew your mind as you enjoy a day at the spa without leaving home, with the accessories in our steam and sauna collection.