Toilet Brushes & Holders

Wall-Mount & Standing Toilet Brushes

Coordinate your toilet brush with the rest of your bathroom accessories when you opt for a standing or wall-mount model from Riverbend Home. We offer toilet brushes and holders in sleek finishes, including polished chrome, nickel, and brass, to suit the décor of your bathroom. A discreet toilet brush tucks inside its own holder, preventing fluid from dripping onto your floors; a ceramic, glass, or metal container hides the brush between cleanings so your bathroom looks neat and tidy. Our toilet brushes are made with sturdy handles and durable bristles for deep cleaning week after week; a detachable inner container makes it easy to keep the bathroom fresh. Choose from a standing toilet brush with a holder or a wall-mount model that keeps the brush handy when it’s time to clean. Browse our toilet brushes and holders and find the perfect options for your bathrooms.