Bathroom Trash Cans

Attractive, Durable Waste Baskets for the Bathroom

Every bathroom needs a waste basket, but why choose one purely for function when you can opt for a waste bin that makes an attractive bathroom accessory? Crafted in sturdy material that stands up to the activity in this high-traffic area, a serviceable waste basket can also add interest to the bathroom décor. The sleek silhouette of a stainless steel or metal waste basket imparts a contemporary aesthetic to your bathroom. Since metal is nonporous, this type of waste basket won’t absorb odors, and it’s easy to clean. Ideal for rustic farmhouse or boho-chic décor, a woven waste basket has a handcrafted look that makes your bathroom feel warm and relaxed. Our resin and ceramic waste baskets feature intricate designs, unique patterns, and eye-catching details; with motifs running the gamut from coastal to floral, a resin or ceramic waste bin stands out in your bathroom. Ideal for a kid’s bathroom, a tight space, or a family with pets, a lidded waste bin keeps the contents hidden away and inaccessible to curious paws. Put the finishing touch on your bathroom with a durable waste basket or bin from Riverbend Home.