Hand Towels

Bathroom Hand Towels & Hand Towel Sets

Browse bathroom hand towels at Riverbend Home and find attractive options in these essential linens for the washroom. A hand towel is smaller than a standard bath towel but larger than a washcloth, ideal for drying wet hands or a freshly washed face. Our selection includes absorbent cotton hand towels sold individually, in pairs, or as part of a 4- or 8-piece set. Choose from solid colors and tonal patterns, stripes and other geometric details, or embroidered designs. Hand towels with seasonal and Christmas motifs add a festive touch to your bathroom. Stock your linen closet with plenty of hand towels and swap them out at least every two or three days to prevent the spread of germs, and more often if the washroom sees frequent use or you’re entertaining guests. From chic solid colors to themed and seasonal designs, we offer a wide range of hand towels to complement your bathroom décor.