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Bathroom Sink Faucets, Shower Faucets, Body Sprayers, and Tub Faucets

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Bathroom Faucets

Most manufacturers carry collections of bathroom faucets so that you can match your bathroom sink faucets to your bathtub and shower faucet sets and everything in between—even the small things like diverters and bidet faucets have coordinating finishes and styles with other bath fixtures.

Some bath fixtures inevitably will outlast others either in terms of their lifespan or style. Homeowners often replace showerheads, handshowers, and shower arms more often than other bathroom faucets, so be sure to choose a finish for your bathtub faucets and fillers, shower faucets, and shower systems that will be easy to match with the rest of the fixtures in your bath. Decorating your bath with standard finishes and styles not only makes it easier to update your bath, but is better for your home resale value too.

Safety First

If you have or plan to have children or elderly living in your home or you plan on aging in your home, consider installing valves that allow for more control over the water temperature as we tend to lose sensitivity to heat as we age. Many valves come with an anti-scalding feature. Check your local building codes, it may even be required in your area. Look for pressure balancing valves or thermostatic valves that have this extra safety precaution.

Pressure balancing valves use just one handle to control both volume and temperature with a dial or set-screw to set the stop-point for the handle rotation to adjust the maximum ratio of hot to cold water. These valves react to changes in water pressure and compensate to maintain a consistent temperature. Delta's Monitor series, Moen's Moentrol and Posi-Temp series, and Grohe's GrohSafe are examples of pressure balance valves.

Thermostatic valves use two handles, one to control volume and one to control temperature. Thermostatic valves react to water temperature rather than pressure to regulate the temperature. A wax element inside the valve expands or contracts in reaction to heat. When the water supply exceeds the maximum set temperature, the element expands to reduce the flow of hot water, allowing more cold into the mix. Thermostatic valves give more direct control over the output temperature without adjusting the setting on your water heater. Examples of thermostatic valves are Ecostat by Hansgrohe, ioDigital and ExactTemp by Moen, Grohtherm by Grohe, and TempAssure by Delta.

Bidets Have Faucets Too

Although bidet popularity is on the rise, bidet faucets are a bit more limited when it comes to availability of styles and finishes. So, you may want to start with your bidet faucets when taking on your bath design and coordinate the rest of your bathroom faucets and fixtures from there.

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