Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Sinks for the Small Bathroom

A wall-mounted sink works well in a bathroom with limited space. Like a pedestal sink, a wall-mount sink does not rest atop a cabinet or vanity. This eliminates a storage area underneath the sink but allows an open flow in a bathroom where space is tight. A wall-mount bathroom sink provides universal access for people with limited mobility, since it features a barrier-free construction with room underneath. We also offer ADA-compliant wall-mounted sinks designed for wheelchair users, complete with an anti-splash rim and high backsplash. Though the entire underside of a wall-mount sink is exposed, this creates an industrial-chic aesthetic that blends into most types of bathroom décor. Find an attractive wall-mount sink for your bathroom crafted in vitreous china, rustic copper, or sleek ceramic.