Tub & Shower Valves

Valves for the Bathtub & Shower

A valve for the tub and shower controls the flow and temperature of your water. Riverbend Home offers an assortment of valves designed to make your shower experience more comfortable. The type of tub and shower valve you need depends on the job you want it to do. Get the temperature and water flow just the way you like it with options from the tub and shower valves in our collection.

Types & Uses of Tub & Shower Valves

The most conventional type of tub and shower valve is the mixing valve. Drawing water from both the hot and cold lines to the shower head, the mixing valve blends them together for the temperature you prefer. The mixing valve does not regulate sudden changes in water temperature or pressure.

A pressure balance valve—also referred to as an anti-scald valve—is another common type of tub and shower valve. A pressure balance valve is designed to even out the water temperature, keeping it from getting too hot or cold as you shower.

A thermostatic valve adjusts the pressure and temperature of hot and cold water to maintain a consistent balance. This tub and shower valve also includes a temperature limit, allowing the user to preset a maximum level to avoid scalding. Many thermostatic shower valves offer a volume control feature so you can preset the amount of water that flows from each outlet.

A diverter valve directs the water from the faucet to the shower head, ideal for a bathroom with a tub/shower combo. A two-way valve uses a rotating control for hot and cold, and a second control diverts water between the tub and shower. A three-way diverter valve is adjustable for both the hot and cold water and includes a central knob that redirects water between the tub and shower.

A rough-in valve is installed behind the wall. Even though it’s not visible, a rough-in valve is a required component in every shower. The rough-in valve connects the hot and cold water lines in your shower or tub; a rough-in kit mixes the hot and cold water together to create your preferred shower or bath temperature.

Riverbend Home carries a diverse selection of tub and shower valves; explore the options here to find the right part for your plumbing needs.