Bathroom Vent Fans & Parts

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

A bathroom vent fan—also commonly called an exhaust fan—allows the humidity from a shower or bath to escape to the home’s exterior, preventing the growth of mold and mildew as well as peeling paint, warped doors, or rusted fixtures. Our collection includes standard bathroom vent fans that install at the ceiling or on a wall and vent directly to the home’s exterior through ductwork, as well as inline fans used to ventilate multiple areas or rooms with a single fan. Whether installed at the ceiling or inline, a vent fan’s power is measured by its capacity to move air as measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM); the bigger the bathroom, the higher the CFM rating necessary for a fan to vent exhaust effectively. Choose from energy-efficient and low-noise models based on your personal preferences, and keep your bathroom free of damaging moisture with an exhaust fan from Riverbend Home.