Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet Toilet Seats & Washlets

Explore our selection of bidet seats and find solutions to add a luxurious, European-inspired cleansing experience to your toilet. A bidet seat or washlet attaches to an existing toilet and offers integrated bidet functions and other enhancements, including a heated seat, automatic lid, dual-action spray, night light, remote control, and warm-air drying. Because of its low profile and easy installation, a bidet toilet seat is an excellent option where space is limited, or for use by children, new or expectant mothers, or adults with limited mobility. We offer American Standard and Toto washlets to fit elongated and round toilets. Whether you want a bidet seat for postpartum or you need an option for long-term use in a small space, you’ll find the best seats and washlets from trusted brands Riverbend Home.