Macerating Toilets

Macerating Toilets & Toilet Tanks

Enjoy easy installation wherever you need to add a bathroom with a macerating toilet from Riverbend Home. A macerating toilet installs on top of the floor, and sends waste to a macerating pump—contained within the toilet itself, in an attached tank, or inside the wall—before expelling it to a sewage line or septic tank. Because macerating pumps discharge waste against gravity, a macerating toilet can be installed in a basement, closet, garage, work room, or any location beneath a sewer line. A macerating toilet’s pump does require power, so ensure electricity is available wherever you hope to install it. Whether you opt for a self-contained macerating toilet or a Saniflo toilet base that requires a separate macerating tank, you’ll find top-quality options at Riverbend Home.