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Design Your Dream Home With the Perfect Décor

Find everything you need to make your house feel like home in our collection of home décor. From accent furniture and lamps to rugs, wall art, and more, each element of your décor plays an important role—and it's through decorating that you can really put your own spin on a space. Home décor can be functional or stylish, and is often both, filling a need in your space while spotlighting your own personal style. Whether your tastes run to the traditional, the trendy, or the timeless, you'll find pieces to dress up your spaces in our extensive collection of home décor.

Start With Accent Furniture, Area Rugs & Lighting

When designing a room, first choose the pieces that will ground your space and give it weight. Accent furniture and area rugs work together with your primary furniture—think sofas, dining tables, or beds—to help establish the overall composition and style of a room. Explore our collection of accent furniture and bring balance to a room with a carefully chosen accent table, decorative chest, or bookshelf. Add comfort beneath your feet and complementary style to the room with an area rug, which helps define the boundaries of a space, whether your floors are carpeted, hardwood, or tile. Table and floor lamps are at once decorative and practical, softening the harshness of overhead lighting and enhancing the aesthetic of a room. Place a pair of table lamps on either side of a sofa, bed, or buffet, or add a floor lamp next to an accent chair.

Elevate Your Interior Spaces With the Right Window Treatments & Wall Art

Once you've designed the space itself, you'll want to turn your attention upward to outfit the walls of the room: Choose wall art that's proportional to the space you wish to fill, and opt for colors, finishes, and designs that suit your existing décor. From mirrors, wall clocks, and shelves to framed art, canvas prints, and more, our collection of wall art and décor offers ample options for a variety of tastes and styles. Window treatments can add color or texture, block extra-bright sunlight at certain times during the day, or provide privacy in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other intimate areas of the home. Whether you opt for floor-to-ceiling textiles or a simple valance, you'll find a bounty of window treatments—plus the hardware for hanging them—at Riverbend Home.

Finish With the Details

To put the finishing touches on a room, find decorative accents that fill spaces and speak to you. From faux plants and flowers to decorative boxes, sculptures, and more, these often smaller pieces simplify adding color or dimension to a space, bring balance to shelves, tables, and more, and showcase your own interests—and they're easy to replace or swap out as seasons change or your preferences evolve. Don't forget the beloved four-legged members of your family: Riverbend Home offers a wide array of attractive and functional pet accessories to pamper and engage your furry best friends. From a home accent for your mantle to area rugs, accent furniture, and more, we offer all the elements you need to create the home environment you crave.