Artificial Christmas Trees

When it comes to seasonal décor, choosing the perfect tree is the first step in filling your home with Christmas cheer. Explore our collection of artificial Christmas trees to add instant holiday spirit without the hassle associated with live greenery. We offer lifelike pre-lit and unlit Christmas trees in sizes ranging from 2 to 16 feet, as well as tinsel trees in a variety of colors and heights to suit your space, style, and preferences.

For the easiest assembly, choose a pre-lit Christmas tree with white, LED, or multi-colored bulbs, or a tree with hinged branches that quickly pop into place. An unlit tree requires more time to decorate but allows you to add personal style with your own lights. Up the cozy Christmas quotient with a flocked tree that offers the appearance of snow-covered branches, or complement your minimalist décor with a white tinsel tree. Perfect for a front porch or tabletop, a small potted Christmas tree offers all-in-one holiday style, while a towering tree can make a stunning first impression in a two-story foyer or a living room with a cathedral ceiling. If space is at a premium, find what you need in our collection of pencil Christmas trees, which feature a slimmer silhouette and come in both unlit and pre-lit options to suit your preference.

Start the holiday season right when you choose a durable artificial Christmas tree from Riverbend Home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size artificial Christmas tree should I buy?

The right size artificial Christmas tree allows for at least 6 inches between the ceiling and the top of the tree, accounting for the height added by a tree topper or decorative stand: If you have 10-foot ceilings, a 12-inch tree topper, and a decorative stand that lifts the base of the tree 6 inches off of the floor, choose a tree no taller than 8 feet.

What is the most natural-looking artificial Christmas tree?

The most natural-looking artificial Christmas trees are made from PE (polyethylene) and feature needles and tips molded from the branches of actual trees to achieve an impressively realistic aesthetic.

What is the best artificial Christmas tree?

The best artificial Christmas tree is really a matter of personal preference. Consider your home's décor and your holiday decorating style, the amount of space available, and your budget. A tinsel tree offers a different aesthetic than a flocked Christmas tree or a realistic polyethylene option. In an apartment or small home, a tabletop tree or slim, pencil-style Christmas tree might make more sense than a towering, full-size tree.

What are artificial Christmas trees made out of?

Most artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC or PE (polyethylene). Traditional PVC trees feature soft, bristle-like needles that mimic evergreens, but they’re less realistic than molded PE Christmas trees. We also offer tinsel trees with needles and tips made from foil, available in a range of festive colors.

Real vs. artificial Christmas trees: Which is better?

Even for those who love the look of a real Christmas tree, artificial trees have become a practical and cost-effective alternative: A low-maintenance artificial Christmas tree leaves little mess and thus requires minimal cleanup, is easy to decorate (especially a pre-lit tree), and is often fire-resistant. Today’s artificial trees come in an array of lifelike and colorful styles, so you can create the aesthetic you desire. While a bit costlier than a real Christmas tree at the outset, an artificial tree lasts for several years, making it a budget-friendly option.

How long do artificial Christmas trees last?

Stored and cared for properly, our high-quality artificial Christmas trees should offer five to ten years of service. This is yet another benefit of opting for an artificial tree over a real one.

Are there different types of artificial Christmas trees?

Yes: The three main types of artificial Christmas trees are PVC trees, PE (polyethylene) trees, and tinsel trees. Within those categories, you’ll find pre-lit and unlit options; plain, decorated, colored, or flocked trees; slim, standard, medium, and full widths; and heights ranging from a compact 2-foot potted tabletop tree to a towering 16-foot Christmas tree.