Appetizer & Dessert Plates

Plates & Bowls for Appetizers & Dessert

When it’s time to set out the appetizers or pass around dessert, opt for a plate as appealing as the food itself. In crisp, solid white or a mix of bold, vibrant colors, a set of attractive bowls and plates can make your appetizers and desserts stand out on the buffet. Our bread, canapé, and appetizer plates come in 4- to 6-piece sets appropriate for a small gathering or dinner party. A vibrant dessert bowl is perfect for ice cream and other after-dinner sweets, but works as well for cereal, yogurt, or granola. Choose a set of appetizer plates and dessert bowls with floral, farmhouse, or coastal motifs to complement your décor and elevate your entertaining. Riverbend Home offers plenty of options in an assortment of plate sizes from three to eight inches, and shapes from oval to square, to showcase your favorite appetizers and desserts.