Commercial Plumbing Products

Commercial Bathroom, Kitchen & Service Room Fixtures

Browse our commercial plumbing collection to find heavy-duty fixtures for public restrooms, professional kitchens, maintenance rooms, and more. Because of their frequent and high-traffic usage, commercial plumbing products are designed to be highly efficient, water- and energy-saving, and extremely durable. We offer high-quality products from the best names in plumbing, including Sloan, American Standard, Mansfield, T&S Brass, Elkay, Chicago Faucet, Symmons, and Toto.

From water coolers and fountains to commercial urinals, bedpan cleaners, and more, our varied selection makes it easy for you to find the plumbing fixtures you need for your commercial space. Browse undermount, dual-mount, and wall-mount sinks for commercial use, including ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible, wall-mount sinks and portable wash stations with wheels. Pair your sink with a fixture from our collection of commercial faucets, designed for use in public restrooms, clinical settings such as hospitals or laboratories, professional kitchens, and service or maintenance rooms. To minimize the spread of germs on frequently touched surfaces in public settings, opt for faucets and other fixtures—for example, flush valves or hand dryers—with automatic sensors. For restrooms in business offices, retail stores, community centers, and more, our high-efficiency commercial toilets and urinals are energy- and water-saving, cost-effective essentials. Our collection also includes the flushometers and flush valves that make them work.

Whether you’re replacing a leaky faucet in your restaurant’s washroom or installing a second sink in a service room, you’ll find the commercial plumbing products you need at Riverbend Home. To simplify your search, set filters to narrow results by brand, item type, finish, material, style, and other variables.