Urinals for Men’s Restrooms

Find the right urinal for your restroom at Riverbend Home. Urinals mount to the wall in public men’s facilities, and they’re available with a range of features. Explore our selection to find high-efficiency, waterless, and ADA-compliant commercial urinals with manual or electronic flush. Standard-efficiency urinals operate with a water usage of 1.0 gallons per flush (GPF), but some of our high-efficiency urinals use as little as a quarter of a gallon. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly or money-saving option, explore our urinals designed to operate with no water at all. You’ll find only the highest quality in our collection: We offer Toto, Sloan, and American Standard urinals. Whether you’re looking for an ADA urinal to increase the accessibility in a commercial restroom, or a budget-friendly waterless urinal, you’ll find options to fit your space and needs at Riverbend Home.