Water Coolers & Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountains & Bottle Fillers

Browse our water coolers and fountains to find the perfect fixtures for your commercial space. Typically seen in gyms, community centers, schools, office buildings, and shopping centers, water coolers and fountains provide easy access to hydration for guests or visitors on the go. But drinking fountains are more than a convenience, they may be required by code for public spaces with a certain occupancy.

Choose between non-refrigerated drinking fountains and water coolers that chill the water before dispensing it. In addition to classic drinking fountains, our collection includes water fountains with a bottle filler, and standalone bottle filling stations. If you need to increase accessibility in your space, explore our ADA-compliant options, including wall-mount water fountains configured to accommodate a wheelchair, as well as bi-level drinking fountains designed for wheelchair-bound and ambulatory individuals. Find superior-quality drinking fountains from Elkay in our collection.