Floor & Roof Drains

Drains & Cleanouts for the Floor & Roof

Control the flow of water in, around, and on top of your home with drainage components for the floor and roof. From floor cleanouts to roof drains, we offer a variety of products to help keep water in its place. A floor drain with a bell trap fits over a vertical pipe. The bell shape in the base of the drain rests under the floor and helps create a seal to prevent gasses from leaking. Bell trap floor drains are commonly used in garages, patios, and other outdoor areas. A cleanout installs on the surface of the floor, and provides access to pipes and drains. If a drainage pipe becomes clogged, a plumber can simply remove the floor cleanout cap and clear out the blockage or debris. A floor drain with a push-on feature makes installation easy; simply push the drain onto the end of the pipe for a leak-proof seal. Divert water from the top of your house with a roof drain. A roof drain installs in the center of the roof, or in areas prone to water collection, and prevents accumulation and leakage that can cause internal damage. The floor and roof drainage components at Riverbend Home are built to last in durable cast iron or PVC—explore our selection and find the best options to keep your home safe and dry.