Quick-Connect & Push Fittings

Quick-Connect Couplings, Valves, Adapters & Fittings

Quick-connect and push fittings provide the fastest way to join pipes in plumbing and water treatment applications. A quick-connect fitting—also called a coupling—has three components inside the body to create a watertight seal in a pipe. When a pipe is inserted into the fitting, special teeth inside the unit grab hold and keep it firmly in place. A quick-connect fitting releases just as easily when you’re ready to make a change; simply pull down on the fitting and pull out the pipe.

Push fittings work the same way as quick-connect, but require a special tool for removal. Thanks to the ease of disconnection, both quick-connect and push fittings are reusable. We offer quick-connect and push fittings, adapters, valves, and couplings in an assortment of shapes and sizes; many are lead-free to meet current standards and guidelines for protection against harmful chemicals. Find an easy-to-use quick-connect or push fitting for your next plumbing project when you explore the options at Riverbend Home.