Air Conditioning

Cool Your Home With Air Conditioners & Fans

When the outside temperature soars, air conditioning units or fans can help keep your home’s interiors cool and comfortable. Riverbend Home offers portable, wall, and window air conditioners, as well as fans in a variety of configurations, including desk, wall-mounted, and floor models. You’ll also find air conditioner accessories, including sleeves and grilles for wall units, and covers for portable models. Browse our selection of air conditioning units and fans to find the best options for your home cooling needs.

Window and Wall Air Conditioners

A window or wall air conditioner is ideal for an apartment or small home without central air. These A/C units are each relatively small and energy-efficient. A window air conditioner is designed to fit into a single- or double-hung window, and is easy to install without professional assistance. A wall air conditioner must be placed in a wall through a sleeve and typically requires professional installation. While a window unit can be removed easily for storage in the winter months, a wall model is generally meant to stay in place with proper sealing and covering for cold-weather protection.

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is similar to a window unit, but stands directly on the floor; hot air is removed from the room through a hose that exits a window. This makes a portable air conditioner easy to install, set up, and position exactly where you want it. The hose is easy to remove, enabling you to open the window for fresh air when you prefer. Portable air conditioners can be more aesthetically pleasing than window units, and come in black, gray, or white to coordinate with your home’s interiors.

Both window and portable air conditioning units are available with smart technology and remote control options. Smart technology offers more control over your A/C unit, allowing you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone or personal home device.

About BTUs

All air conditioning units are rated with a British Thermal Unit (BTU) measurement of energy. We offer window, wall, and portable air conditioners in a range of BTU ratings from 5,000 to 28,000. An air conditioning unit with higher BTUs puts out more cool air, making it ideal for rooms with tall ceilings or more sun exposure. Select an air conditioner with a lower BTU for a bedroom, home office, or other small area.


Though a fan does not offer the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, it does circulate air and can provide relief on hot days. A window fan pushes hot and heavy indoor air out, and pulls fresh air in; a high-velocity floor fan creates a cool, wind-tunnel effect; an oscillating fan distributes air from side to side around large areas. A misting fan sprays out tiny droplets of water that evaporate quickly in the outgoing airflow, creating an even cooler breeze in the summer heat; a misting fan is ideal for outdoor use on a patio or deck. Tight on space? Tuck a tower fan into a corner for bigger output when floor space is limited; an energy-efficient desk or table fan is ideal for a small room.

We also offer portable, heavy-duty home dehumidifiers that remove moisture in the air, a smart solution for a basement or other damp area. Browse air conditioning units, fans, and dehumidifiers at Riverbend Home to find the best options for keeping your house cool and dry.