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Heating, Cooling and Air Quality

Solutions for Efficient Heating & Cooling & Better Air Quality

Make your home as comfortable as possible throughout the year with heating, cooling, and air quality products from Riverbend Home. An effective heating and cooling system helps regulate your interior climate to keep your home at the ideal temperature regardless of the weather outside, while proper ventilation and circulation improve the quality of the air inside. Breathe easily and live comfortably with products from Riverbend Home.

Warm up with heating products

Explore our selection of heating products and keep your home cozy when temperatures drop. Low-profile kickspace heaters and hydronic and electric panel and baseboard radiators add room-specific warmth throughout your home, and they make excellent options for supplementing a central heating system. For a more temporary solution, or to heat a garage or workroom, try an electric space heater.

An energy-efficient electric fireplace offers the beauty and comfort of a fire for your living space without the hassle of installing a gas or wood-burning fireplace. For the ultimate in comfort, leave no room in your home untouched: A hydronic or electric towel warmer brings five-star luxury to your bathroom.

Keep rooms cool with air conditioners and fans

Cool down when temperatures rise with air conditioners and fans from Riverbend Home. Our collection of portable and room air conditioners includes window and freestanding units designed to keep your home comfortable where you need to supplement the cooling power of a central AC system. Create a cool breeze in your home with fans that keep the air moving: Ceiling fans effectively circulate cool air throughout an entire room, as well as on your covered porch or patio. If you don’t want to install a ceiling fan, opt for the temporary and more targeted airflow of a floor or desk fan.

Breathe easy with air purification products

Proper ventilation and air circulation are essential for ensuring you breathe clean air in your home. Air filters work as part of your home’s central HVAC system to remove dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other impurities from the air. Further enhance the air quality inside your home by combining green living practices with the use of air purifiers throughout your living spaces. In dry climates and during cold months, humidifiers can add needed moisture to the air in your home, improving the overall indoor air quality.