Home Heating Solutions

Invest in high-quality home heating products to keep your interiors comfortably warm when temperatures fall. Our selection includes several alternatives to forced-air heating systems; find the best option to suit your needs. Highly efficient hydronic and electric baseboard heaters are easy to install, emit even heat to warm a room all over, operate more quietly than a fan-powered system, and work alone or in tandem with another heating system. Space-saving kickspace or toe-kick heaters, fan convectors, and recess wall kits warm the kitchen, basement, sunroom, mudroom, walk-in closets, and other hard-to-heat spaces. Room heaters are great to have on hand for emergencies or for daily use; our selection includes electric and infrared options. Choose a personal space heater to keep you warm while working at your desk, a stove-style heater for traditional appeal with modern functionality, or a whole-room heater for your patio, covered porch, or garage. Find products from trusted brands, including Runtal, Quiet One, Vornado, and Lasko. Keep your home comfortable with top-of-the-line cooling, heating, and air quality products from Riverbend Home.