Fondue Pots

Fondue Pots & Sets

Browse fondue pots at Riverbend Home and find the tools you need to recreate a Swiss culinary experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. Traditional fondue consists of bread, fruit, meat, or vegetables dipped into melted cheese, chocolate, or oil or broth kept warm over a candle, burner, or other heat source. The type of fondue you’re preparing informs the material for your pot: Stainless steel or copper is ideal for oil and broth fondues, but can scald cheese or chocolate fondue, which should be made in a porcelain or cast iron pot. Our selection includes individual cast iron fondue pots and complete fondue sets. Most fondue pots are suitable for use on the stovetop or with a separate stand and warmer. Host a memorable dinner gathering or elevate your next at-home date night with a fondue pot or set from Riverbend Home.