Stovetop Griddles & Grill Pans

Whether you’re cooking up a Sunday morning feast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs or looking to put a beautiful sear on a steak, you’ll find the perfect pan for your needs in our selection of stovetop griddles and grill pans. An indoor griddle’s smooth, flat surface makes it ideal for breakfast foods, grilled sandwiches, and quesadillas, while grill pans feature deep ridges that sear meat and vegetables with grill marks worthy of restaurant-quality presentation, allowing fats, grease, and other juices to flow away from the food. Want to cook great grilled cheese? Use a panini press plus your griddle to get a crunchy exterior and mouthwatering, melty interior.

We offer square, rectangular, and round griddles and grill pans in a range of sizes suited for both single- and double-burner configurations. Explore our collection to find options that offer the surface area you need. Choose a nonstick griddle with two handles for easy maneuvering, or opt for a single-handle grill pan that performs similar to a frying pan when you’re using it. Find aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel griddles and grill pans from top brands, including Circulon, Le Creuset, Rachel Ray, Staub, Anolon, Tramontina, Farberware, GreenPan, Swiss Diamond, and others, at Riverbend Home.