Pressure Cookers

Electric, Stovetop & Microwave Pressure Cookers

If you find yourself rushing to get dinner on the table, a pressure cooker may be the solution to your mealtime woes. This convenient kitchen appliance harnesses the power of steam to create a high-pressure environment that cooks food more quickly. We offer conventional stainless steel stovetop pressure cookers in a variety of sizes, as well as 5-in-1 electric pressure cookers with programmable temperature and pressure control and the additional functionality of a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and warmer. Make cooking your favorite one-pot meals even easier with a microwave pressure cooker crafted in BPA-free plastic. Whether you choose a classic stovetop version or a modern multi-purpose model, you’ll spend less time toiling in the kitchen and more time enjoying easy meals with the convenience of a pressure cooker from Riverbend Home.