Saucepans in Every Size

One of the most basic of all kitchen essentials, a saucepan is for more than just simmering sauces: This versatile, lidded pot lends itself to tasks as rudimentary as boiling water or reheating leftovers, to preparing pasta, vegetables, or popping corn, to creating complex soups and gravies. A long handle makes a saucepan easy to maneuver, while its tall, straight sides help keep liquid ingredients contained.

Stock your kitchen with saucepans in several quart sizes to accommodate a variety of stovetop cooking needs; we also offer two- and three-pot saucepan sets to simplify your shopping. Explore our collection to find aluminum, ceramic, copper, cast iron, and stainless steel saucepans ranging from .24-quart to 12.25-quart capacities. Choose from saucepans with a matching metal lid, as well as saucepans with a tempered glass lid that allows you to safely monitor what you’re cooking. Whether you’re just starting out or replacing an old pot, complete your cookware collection with a saucepan from Riverbend Home.