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Cook Stir Fry Meals Like a Pro

Give your skillet a rest and try a wok pan when you want to fry up some memorable meals. Perfect for preparing Asian cuisine, a wok can do much more than stir fry. These sturdy pans are designed with durable handles and highers sides than a skillet or saute pan to reduce or eliminate food splatter for a mess-free cooking experience. The deeper bowl combined with the high sides let you stir and move food around as you cook it on high heat. Go ahead and brown meat, fry up some veggies, even add a little sauce to create a delicious meal in one pan in no time at all. A wok can elevate your cooking skills and give you great results. Woks come in a variety of styles, made in carbon steel, stainless, or nonstick designs, some with one handle, some with two. You can also find woks with lids. These versatile pans are durable, retain heat well, and are fun to use.