Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners, Honing Steels & Stropping Blocks

Improve the quality and function of your kitchen knives with a high-quality sharpener. Available in a range of types, including diamond and V-edge, a knife sharpener lets you restore the cutting edge of your blade quickly and easily. Choose from multiple configurations, including handheld and tabletop, for sharpening smooth and serrated knives, as well as kitchen scissors. We also offer honing steels and stropping blocks. Different from a sharpener, a honing steel realigns the edge of a sharp blade that has naturally misaligned from frequent use. A stropping block polishes and finishes the edge of a knife, maintaining it between sharpenings and maximizing its performance. Don't let a dull blade ruin your cooking experience; keep knives sharp and ready to perform with a sturdy sharpener from Riverbend Home.