Kitchen Utility Knives

Utility Knives & Block Sets for the Kitchen

A utility knife is smaller than a chef's knife, larger than a paring knife, and the kitchen essential every home cook needs. We offer serrated and smooth kitchen utility knives crafted in stainless steel, chrome, other durable materials that resist odors and corrosion. A serrated utility knife cuts through fruit, vegetable, and sausage skins without tearing or crushing the soft inside. Use a utility knife with a smooth blade for precision cutting, slicing, and mincing. Need more than one multi-use knife? Opt for a two-piece set or cutlery block with a knife for every job in your kitchen. Available from Wusthof, Tramontina, Berghoff, and other top makers, our kitchen utility knives come with sturdy, ergonomic handles that make them easy to wield. Small in size yet big in performance, a utility knife makes a versatile addition to any kitchen.